Blockchain Projects

Blockchain Projects

Two years building DeFi products & web3 applications

May 17, 2023·

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Project: Cross-chain trading strategies.

  • Delta Neutral Positions with Perpetuals protocol Medium, Contract.

  • R&D For crosschain trading protocol on top of Lazyer Zero & Stargate.

  • System contract components:

Bright Union

  • Decentralized Crypto coverages aggregator.

Bright Union is an aggregator protocol reseller of crypto insurance contracts. While working with BU we developed several products like an ERC20 staking token, an aggregator protocol, an NPM package, a subgraph, and the company's web3 site.

  • These are further references to each one of the products:

    • BRI is a liquid tokenized position that represents a curated basket of diversified staking positions underwriting risks in the DeFi insurance markets, the main partners are Nexus Mutual, Bridge Mutual and Insurace.

    • Bright Union SDK NPM module to API into Bright Union's protocol.

    • Subgraph Deployed a subgraph to display the BRI Token price forecast on the UI.

Blockchain Assets (Start Up)

Crypto prices prediction service with AI models. POC Infrastructure to mint a utility NFT token for the use of the service.

Main components:

  • Chainstack for cross-chain synchronization between Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Binance BSC

  • Company's website for user onboarding

  • Moralis private node service

  • ERC1155 management contract for NFT and ERC20 utility & rewards token

  • IPFS for NFT metadata management

  • Heroku environment to consume AI prediction models

  • AWS Lambda functions to update forecast service availability